batocera.linux is an operating system (like Windows 10 and Mac OS) specialized in retrogaming available for your pc and different nano computers like the Raspberry and the Odroids. On PC, it is available on a usb key and can boot without altering your existing hard drive. Note that you must own games you play in order to respect legality.

batocera.linux is plug and play. Start, plug your pads, play.
It can be installed on a standard usb key so that you can play on any computer without altering it.
On Raspberry and Odroid, you should use a standard sdcard to install it.

Kodi Media Center

The famous and lovely Kodi Media Center is part of batocera.linux.
Are you bored about games today? No problem, it's time to watch your favorite series & movies in just one remote control key !

Odroid Support

batocera.linux includes exclusive builds for Odroid C2 & Odroid XU4 devices.

Supported Systems (by architecture)

  • PC: you should choose x86 for computers older than 2010, otherwise, x86_64
  • Rpi0 : all versions including Raspberry PI zero, zero H and zero WH versions
  • Rpi1 : all versions including Raspberry PI A, A+, 1B and 1B+ versions
  • Rpi2
  • Rpi3 : all versions including Raspberry PI 3B, 3A+ and 3B+ versions
  • Odroid xu4
  • Odroid c2
  • Odroid n2
  • Rockpro64
  • S905 boards
  • Working
  • lower performances for some games on this board
  • Low performances but playable
  • Not working or unplayable
  • require overclocking
  • > > >
  • *1 : imame4all - romset 0.37b5
  • *2 : on tv hdmi 1 only
  • *3 : requires an OpenGL >=2.1 GPU
  • *4 : requires an OpenGL >=3.0 GPU
  • *5 : requires an OpenGL >=3.1 GPU
  • *6 : requires an OpenGL >=3.3 GPU
Others not fully working Rpi 0 Rpi 1 Rpi 2 Rpi 3 Odroid XU4 Odroid C2 S905 Rockpro64 PC (x86) PC (x86_64)
Internal bluetoothN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
HDMI CEC (kodi remote control) *2??N/AN/A

Detailed emulators list by architecture


2019/09/06 - batocera.linux 5.23 - release

  • games collections (custom, last played games, favorites)
  • /userdata/system/scripts user scripts to react to starting/stopping of games
  • new options available from es : fullboot for ps2 and emulated wiimotes for wii
  • new options : game boy colorization
  • options configurable by game
  • nvidia-driver: version bump (430.40)
  • new shaders sets for "retro" and "scanlines", and added a new "enhanced" set
  • add: ability to display/hide gaming systems from the "UI Settings" menu
  • add: "Lightgun" system (to use with a Dolphinbar)
  • add: system-specific background music (by system folder in /userdata/music/)
  • add: new option for a pop-up with music titles
  • add: music fades out when launching a game
  • add: 2 new arcade 4:3 format bezels and 3 arcade vertical format bezel (configurable by game)
  • add: new atomiswave and naomi default bezels (replacing old bezels since they are arcade cabinet systems)
  • add: new bezel called "atomiswave_naomi_vertical" (configure per game vertical format)
  • add: amstrad gx4000 bezel
  • add: integration with theBezelProject for per-game bezels on some systems
  • add: tinkerboard support
  • add: miqi support
  • renamed: libretro-reicast to libretro-flycast
  • add: libretro-handy Atari Lynx Core
  • add: amiberry support for - odroid xu4 - Pine64 rockpro64 - Asus Tinkerboard - MQmaker MiQi
  • add: libretro-vice for RPI3
  • add: libretro-yabasanshiro Sega Saturn Core for X86/X86_64
  • bump: libretro-genesisplusgx
  • bump: citra-emu
  • bump: scummvm
  • bump: libretro-fbneo
  • bump: libretro-cap32
  • bump: libretro-mame2003-plus
  • bump: linapple-pie
  • bump: fsuae to 2.9.12dev
  • bump: libretro-mupen64plus-next & Enable core on Tinkerboard & MiQi
  • removed: libertro-mupen64plus (discontinued)
  • bump: libretro-mame to 0.212 and add support for - Pine64 rockpro64 - Asus Tinkerboard - MQmaker MiQi
  • removed: libretro-quicknes and libretro-catsfc
  • snes9x: replacing repository
  • bump: libretro-neocd (adds .chd support)
  • removed: libretro-gpsp
  • amiga: new rom folder structure (amiga, amigacd32 and amigacdtv)

2019/06/20 - batocera.linux supports the GPi case, out of the box

The 5.23 version is not yet released, but it will support the Retroflag GPi case out of the box.
A stable pre-image already working very nicely and notes are available here for people having a GPi case.

2019/06/12 - batocera.linux 5.22 - release

  • nvidia-driver: version bump (418.74)
  • moonlight: bump to v2.4.10
  • amiberry: bump v2.25
  • fix: libretro-genesisplusgx for rockpro64
  • fix: Citra emulator in the center of the screen
  • add: naomi and atomiswave for odroid xu4
  • add: libretro-neocd for NeoGeo CD
  • advancemame: removed
  • citra-emu: updated and standard core for the Nintendo 3DS
  • mupen64plus: bump to 2.5.9
  • fix: mupen64 widescreen mode
  • wii/gc: dolphin version bump (5.0-9896)
  • es-retropie integration:
  • theme compatibility with retropie
  • videos previews
  • add: ES theme installer (menu> system> update> install theme)
  • add: ES menu for RetroAchievements status
  • new default theme : es-theme-carbon
  • add: screensavers for slideshow and "random video" (aka demo mode)
  • kid/kiosk modes
  • choose the default system at startup
  • choose randomly a game
  • cec in es
  • scrapper fixed
  • add: pokemon-mini
  • add: sufami turbo
  • add: nintendo satellaview
  • add: amstrad GX4000
  • decoration/bezels: Add light realistic Cathodic CRT effect to improve original fidelity image. (Possibility to use shaders too)
  • remove recalbox-theme (because of new licence restrictions)
  • specific favorite system removed (will be added properly later)
  • emulator configuration by game removed (will be added properly later)
  • add: libretro-reicast-wince (x64)
  • retroarch: added audio and video filters
  • retroarch: bump to v1.7.7
  • update: libretro packages
  • substituted: libretro-fbalpha by libretro-fbneo

2019/04/06 - Odroid N2 support

The Odroid N2 is now officially supported on batocera.linux. It is based on the 5.22 work. Thus even if the following image is working very well, it will be probably marked as beta until 5.22 official version. Download : link

2019/03/29 - batocera.linux 5.21 - release

  • nvidia-driver: version bump (418.43)
  • arcade: new core - lr-mame (mame-0.206)
  • nintendo 3DS: added citra emulator
  • emulator: atari 800 and atari 5200 were separated
  • libretro-reicast: added support for the arm platform
  • update: RetroArch 1.7.6 and libretro core
  • add: NeoGeo CD
  • add: libretro-mupen64plus-next for Nintendo 64
  • RetroFlag: Shutdown script added + Cleaning
  • n64: fixes mupen64 configuration including pads
  • rockpro64: wifi/bluetooth
  • x86/x86_64: fix support for intel gpus
  • x86_64: support for amd ryzen
  • wii: wiimote and pads can be used at the same time
  • New 20 Ambiance Bezels : TV with scratched effects on glass, Retro Room, etc (special thanks to fery65)
  • add decorations folder into the share folder to make easier bezels overlays' customization

2019/01/22 - batocera.linux 5.20 - release

  • better ps4 pad support
  • add Nintendo 3DS support (libretro-citra) (x86_64)
  • amiberry: upgraded/add whdload support/better joystick support
  • add: libretro-kronos: new core for Sega Saturn
  • update: libretro cores (all cores)
  • bezels: New NDS, 3DS, Wii, FBA, Mame, FBA_libretro bezels
  • bezels: review of all existing bezels, aspect and rendering improved, light 3D effect added. Luminosity and darkness lightened. Homogeneity and sobriety respected.
  • rockro64 support (without internal bluetooth/wifi in this first version)

2018/11/25 - batocera.linux 5.19 - release

  • technical upgrade
  • configuration applications for ps2, wii, gamecube via f1, then applications (x86*)
  • ps2: fix extensions list
  • ps2: fix pad for player 2
  • gameboy/gameboy color: 2 players out of the box
  • xbox one pad (via bluetooth and usb)
  • ps4 pad (via bluetooth and usb) (not enabled by default)
  • better hardware firmwares support
  • better bluetooth association
  • xosd : f5 display battery / time (x86*)
  • rpi3+ overclocking
  • support for nvidia proprietary driver (not enabled by default)
  • libretro-reicast: reicast libretro and reicast OIT libretro merged into one. ( )
  • libretro-reicast: Naomi added (lst, bin, dat)
  • video mode (resolution) customizable by emulator from the gui (rpi / x86*)
  • some fixes

2018/10/02 - batocera.linux 5.18 - release

  • retroarch: update to 1.7.4
  • libretro: update core (atari800, beetle-ngp, beetle-pce, beetle-pcfx, beetle-saturn, beetle-vb, beetle-wswan, bluemsx, cap32, catsfc, 81, desmume, fba, fceumm, fmsx, freeintv, fuse, gambatte, genesisplusgx, gpsp, gw, hatari, lutro, mame2003, mame2003plus, mgba, mupen64plus, nestopia, nxengine, o2em, parallel-n64, pcsx, picodrive, pocketsnes, px68k, scummmvm, snes9x, snes9x-next, uae, vecx, virtualjaguar, yabause, reicast, reicast_oit)
  • pcsx2 : playstation2 (x86_64 and x86)
  • commodore64: vice emulator update to 3.2
  • amigacd32: added cue and zip extensions
  • advancedmame: update to 3.9
  • reicast: update to r8.1
  • add: libretro-dosbox (x86_32 and x86_64)
  • add: libretro-mame2016 (x86_32 and x86_64)
  • add: libretro-vice (x86_32 and x86_64)

2018/09/10 - Playstation 2 arrived on batocera.linux

Please find information on the forum

2018/09/02 - batocera.linux 5.17 - release

  • fix moonlight
  • fix n64 (crashes for some games on some plateforms)
  • remove virtualgamepads (useless)
  • update: libretro-reicast
  • add: libretro-reicast-oit for x86_64
  • various fixes (bluetooth, ps3 pads, ...)
  • fix all architectures

2018/06/25 - batocera.linux 5.16 - release

  • x86: better mouse handling (fixing scummvm)
  • retroarch: update to 1.7.3
  • scummvm: update to 2.0.0
  • libretro-scummvm: update
  • add: libretro-px68k (Sharp X68000)
  • add: libretro-mame2003-plus
  • retroachievements: update (Master System, Atari Lynx, Atari 2600, VirtualBoy, NeoGeo Pocket and NeoGeo)
  • es: add a clock (and an option to remove it ; not visible on rpi when not connected to the network)
  • es: add an input checker to know how many pads are plugs and which joystick is which player
  • update: libretro-cores leveling with Retroarch 1.7.3
  • update: Dolphin Emulator
  • better wifi support
  • better bluetooth support

2018/05/01 - batocera.linux 5.15 - release

  • rpi3+ support
  • Atari 5200
  • theme update (light version)
  • some emulators updated
  • gamecube: set automatically 16/9 ratio if appropriated (or forced)
  • the update message now contains the old and new version before upgrading
  • change the default keyboard keys in es
  • nas: you can now mount roms and bios via wifi at startup
  • fix ssh on external storage
  • some minor fixes

2018/03/08 - batocera.linux 5.14 - release

  • rpi: new splash video
  • rpi: mutable splash video (add splashsound=off in /boot/recalbox-boot.conf to disable the sound)
  • rpi: customizable splash video (put a video in /boot/splash.mp4)
  • link update MameDB and Screenscraper
  • configgen: partially rewritten / more robust
  • decoration (bezel): available for different resolutions
  • mupen64: add osd message when available on the architecture
  • s905/c2 : add mame 2010
  • new emulator for intellivision
  • most of emulators updated
  • reicast: you can choose 16/9 in advanced options. not set automatically, because it's buggy in some cases
  • wii: automatically set 16/9 by default if your resolution is 16/9 or higher (or if set to auto or 16/9 in advanced options)

2018/02/02 - batocera.linux 5.13 - release

  • fix the bluetooth bug

2018/01/22 - batocera.linux 5.12 - release

  • buildroot upgrade to 2017/12
  • kodi 17.6
  • joystick battery information (information menu)
  • x86/x86_64: 3do support
  • rpi1/2/3 : amiga (amiberry, support of amiga 500 500p 1200 4000 cdtv)
  • x86*: linux kernel 4.14
  • fix sdcard mount
  • fix Korean language
  • new architecture support : s905
  • bezel support (1920x1080 game resolution only, decoration option in the game menu)
  • some bugfixes

2017/11/22 - batocera.linux 5.11 - release

  • x86*: (others coming later) : amiga support : amiga500 amiga500+ amiga600 amiga1000 amiga1200 amiga3000 amiga4000 amigacd32 amigacdtv
  • amiga: caps img plugin
  • rpi3: optimize the psp ini
  • retroarch: adding the mupen64plus core (previously known as gliden64)
  • retroarch: adding the parallel-n64 core (forked from gliden64)
  • wii: .side. in rom names switches virtual wiimotes on the horizontal side
  • wii: for each game, you can choose if the axis controls: i(nfrared), s(wing), t(ilt) or n(unchuk),
  • for example, to play mariokart wii, rename it mario_kart.side.ti.iso (to get the tilt on the first axis and infrared on the 2nd one)
  • for example, to play mario galaxy, rename it (got get the nunchuk on the first axis and infrared on the 2nd one)
  • wii: tilt instead of swing by default on the 2nd axis
  • mame: disable rewinding while it make fail several games
  • system: fixes some sound issues
  • system: installation from the system menu for any platform and from any platform
  • system: fancy mount points (explorer, kodi)
  • es: fix the mp3 player
  • kodi: fix plugins

2017/10/10 - batocera.linux 5.10 - release

  • rpi3 overclocking options
  • system: update to buildroot 201708
  • system: update to kodi 17.3
  • psp: fix select when it's a hotkey
  • c64: add the commodore64 emulator
  • fix some joystick issues
  • ctrl+alt+f4 switches on alsamixer (to control sound in an advanced way)
  • upgrading retroarch
  • xu4: add nintendo ds (desmume)
  • several bugs fixed

2017/09/06 - batocera.linux 5.9 - release

  • system: new video output option (for multiple outputs computer, plugged on the tv via hdmi)
  • system: make the overlay rw by default (instead of ro)
  • system: change the hostname to batocera
  • system: change the default root password to linux
  • system: installer script (, not yet on the gui)
  • xu4: upgrade the mali driver
  • emulator: fix reicast fps under some circonstances
  • emulator: reicast hotkeys : hotkey+start is required to quit the game
  • emulator: ppsspp hotkeys : quit, save, load, menu
  • emulator: upgrade mame2003 (fixing a sound issue)
  • emulator: fix shaders on x86*
  • emulator: enable rewinding for sega cd, virtualboy, psx, fba, mame, vectrex
  • emulator: add mame2010 for rpi2
  • multimedia: add libaccs, libdvdcss, x265 for a better media support
  • multimedia: fix the kodi joystick mapping in some cases

2017/06/25 - batocera.linux 5.8 - release

  • fix some pads not working with kodi (mainly xbox 360)

2017/06/04 - batocera.linux 5.7 - release

  • technical upgrade (buildroot 201704, gcc 5.4)
  • rpi*: bump to linux 4.9
  • support of the rapsberry pi zero W (including wifi and bluetooth)
  • removal of recalbox-api and recalbox-manager
  • update of virtual gamepad
  • nes: map x and y to b and a for convenience (fceunext & quicknes)
  • new libretro-beetle-psx core
  • psx: remove the .bin extension. please use .cue.
  • kodi 17.1
  • fix dreamcast (players, vmu, config)
  • psp: fixes
  • bump reicast
  • mount sdcards
  • pt_PT language

2017/04/21 - batocera.linux 5.6 - release

  • x86* : add nintendo ds (desmume)
  • rpi3: add mame2010
  • add an automatic scraping menu using sselph/scraper and screenscraper
  • bios missing listed in a new menu in game menu
  • add temperature and battery information when available in the information menu
  • wii: system language configured automatically
  • wii: ratio is automatically set to 16/9. If you explicitly set it to 4/3 in option, it will take it.
  • gamecube: language set from the batocera system language
  • psx: update and fix
  • support file can be generated from the system menu
  • some emulators upgraded
    • libretro-beetle-wswan
    • libretro-cap32
    • libretro-catsfc
    • libretro-gw
    • libretro-gambatte
    • libretro-picodrive
    • libretro-pocketsnes
    • mupen64plus-video-glide64mk2

2017/03/18 - batocera.linux 5.5 - release

  • fix playstation 1

2017/03/17 - batocera.linux 5.4 - release

  • wii/gamecube: add hotkeys (exit, pause, screenshot, save/load state)
  • wii/gamecube: support for 3d tv (hotkey + r1)
  • add scummmvm for x86*
  • add the Jaguar emulator for x86* xu4 c2
  • add nintendo 64 gliden renderer for xu4, not as default while it's not centered but better n64 rendering (change it in advanced options menu)
  • system menu: add system informations in the system menu
  • x86*: add a file manager callable by pressing f1
  • fix: the external drives names
  • fix: disable the x11 screensaver in some cases
  • fix: gamecube pads (some were not working)
  • x86*: add the xrandr tool (for screen resolution/rotation)

2017/02/19 - batocera.linux 5.3 - release

  • Upgrade several emulators
  • Fix the autosave function
  • Fix randomly blinking black borders on x86*
  • New logo
  • Better video card support on x86*
  • Several minor fixes
  • Backup from the system menu
    • backup is from internal to external, external to external or external to internal
    • backup are differential : if you redo a backup, it will change only changed files
    • you can use the backup as an external device
    • to restore, boot on the backup, and restore on the internal device
Special thanks to Vincent, GĂ©rard and Antoine for the new logo.

2017/01/30 - batocera.linux 5.2 - release

  • saturn emulator for x86/x86_64 (yabause)
  • snes9x emulator (by default on xu4, change it if you have saves to load)
  • ps1 emulator upgraded to support 3 players or more
  • psp emulator upgraded and fixed when a video is played (except for the odroid c2)
  • mame2010 for xu4/x86/x86_64
  • choose the sound card from the menu (x86/x86_64)
  • fix the web manager
  • download percentage during the upgrade process
  • fix the automatic upgrade process (see the manual upgrade in the wiki section if needed)
Due to the new download urls and a bug, automatic upgrades are broken and fixed for the next version. You can however manually upgrade using this way.

2017/01/04 - batocera.linux 5.1 - release

  • Technical upgrade to buildroot (december 2016)
  • Linux kernel 4.9 (more supported hardware)
  • HDD driver compiled into the kernel (you can now install batocera.linux on an HDD)
  • Fix Atari ST
Due to the new download urls and a bug, automatic upgrades are broken and fixed for the next version. You can however manually upgrade using this way.

2016/12/26 - batocera.linux

  • recalbox.remix becomes batocera.linux.
  • A batocera rufomaculata is an insect of the coleoptera order that my son dreams to capture for his collection.

2016/12/12 - squashfs/overlayfs

  • Note: this version is the first one with real wiimotes working on x86_64 architectures.
  • Recalbox.remix is now mainly 3 files on the USB key/SD card (SD CARD CONTENT -grub) :
  • - /boot/linux (os system, ~5/10mb)
    - /boot/recalbox (root filesystem, ~350mb)
    - /boot/initrd.gz (technical file needed to start the recalbox file from linux ~500kb)

2016/11/14 - play Wii with real wiimotes

The real wiimote is now working thanks to the Dolphin emulator.

2016/10/31 - Recalbox live USB on x86_64 (Alpha 4)

Add Grub to be able to boot from a legacy bios.

2016/10/29 - Recalbox on Odroid C2 (Alpha 2)

N64, lirc, virtual keyboard supports are added.

2016/10/17 - Recalbox on Odroid C2 (first Alpha)

I built a first Alpha for the Odroid C2 for people who are interested to test it.
I've made Kodi working, which was not that easy while Kodi 16 doesn't support aarch64 and while Kodi 17 isn't out. I've found the 2 mini commits to backports the changes and make it work.

2016/10/01 - Recalbox live usb on x86_64 : GameCube and Wii

The ports on x86 and x86_64 are almost done. I'm including the GameCube and the Wii into Recalbox.

2016/07/28 - Recalbox live usb - progress

I'm working on my next Recalbox port : PC. There is still a lot of work.

2016/06/23 - N64 pad precision - next releases

Can't really play to Golden Eyes 007 ? Effectively, the pad precision configuration is not well defined in current releases. I'm fixing it for the next releases.

2016/06/23 - Odroid XU4 Release - release

This is the first stable version for the Odroid XU4. You can get the full details of what is supported here. This is compiled from the official recalbox sources. Once installed, don't forget to configure your recalbox.conf to upgrade from this website (see previous post).

2016/06/21 - Network shares - advanced configuration

You've not enough space on your sdcard or on your usbkey ? You can now use your nas (like a freebox) as a usbkey (not from the graphical interface for the moment). You need to edit the /boot/recalbox-boot.conf file like this :



Architecture Version Release Date Download Link
Standard Computer (x86 64 bits) batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Old Computer (x86 32 bits) batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Raspberry Pi Zero (H/WH) & 1 (A/A+/B/B+, GPi case) batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Raspberry Pi 2 batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Raspberry Pi 3 (A+/B/B+) batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Odroid XU4 batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Odroid C2 batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Odroid N2 batocera.linux 5.22 beta2 2019/05/25
S905 and variants batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Rockpro64 batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Tinkerboard batocera.linux 5.23 2019/09/06
Miqi batocera.linux 5.23 2019/06/12

Installation Guide

  1. Download Etcher for your OS
  2. Download an image file from the download section
  3. Install and run Etcher
  4. Extract batocera.img.gz (gz is like zip, ie it's a compressed file)
    Warning : some browsers like Opera/Chrome/Safari take the liberty to unzip the file by themself and badly rename them. If the file is more than 2GB, it is already unzipped.
  5. Insert a usb key or a sdcard on your computer
  6. Select the image and the drive in Etcher like on the following screenshot and click on Flash!
  7. Once finished, go on your usb key/sdcard and check that it contains a boot folder (files differ depending on architectures) :

FAQ & links

  • Question: the system boots, but it's very slow !!!

    Answer: not 100% of the computers are supported. When the interface is slow, it is because your graphical cards is not supported under Linux. If the computer includes an Nvidia card, you can enable it (see here) otherwise, there is nothing to do for this computer.

  • Question: the system won't boot and complains about security

    Answer: some computers are "secured" to boot only on the Microsoft Windows system. Go in the bios/efi setup and disable secure boot.

  • Question: Is it allowed to preinstall batocera.linux on a sdcard to sell it ?

    Answer: No. The batocera.linux team think it would be nice for non technical users, but batocera.linux includes software which cannot be associated with commercial activities. (example: Of course, including extra illegal content is totally forbidden and discouraged by the batocera.linux team.

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