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 +batocera.linux supports 2 kinds of splash boot.
 +  * A video for rpi1, rpi2, rpi3, odroidxu2, rockpro64.
 +  * A fixed image for others.
 +it can be customized.
 +===== Video splash boot =====
 +==== disable sound ====
 +By default, the sound is enabled.
 +To disable it, edit the file boot/​recalbox-boot.conf on the usb key/sdcard to get a line exactly like this one (without #) :
 +  splashsound = off
 +==== customize the video ====
 +Put a file in boot/​splash.mp4 on the usb key/sdcard to replace the default video.
 +===== Image splash boot =====
 +This image is not yet customizable without altering the system. Coming soon.
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