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Manual upgrades

Upgrades can be done manually :

  • in case you want to put a previous version
  • in case the upgrades are broken
  • in case you want to upgrade to a custom version

To upgrade manually :

  1. download the file boot.tar.xz of the version you want. The official ones are available here :
  2. a file .tar.xz is like a .zip. Just unzip this file on your sdcard/usb key to replace existing files.

Or, starting with batocera.linux 5.7,

  1. from ssh, adapt the url and run : /recalbox/scripts/

This upgrades the system. This doesn't remove any of your data.

Once copied, you'll get 2 files recalbox.img and recalbox.img.update. The latter will replace the first one automatically during the next boot.

The batocera.linux usb key

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