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-===== What are bios and how to add them =====+===== What are BIOS files and how to add them =====
-Bios are files required ​so that some emulators ​works. +BIOS files are files required ​for some emulators ​to operate correctly 
-For example, the PlayStation 1 and the Neogeo ​require a bios to work. +For example, the PlayStation 1 and the NeoGeo ​require a BIOS file to work. 
-These files are not available ​together with the system, while they'​re ​are not legally ​distributable.+These files are not packaged ​together with the system. These are not legally ​distributed,​ so you will need to supply your own.
-To add bios files, you have to connect to your Batocera from a computer : +To add BIOS files, you need to connect to your Batocera ​device ​from a computer : 
-  - from your computer directory (or finder on mac os x), browse the network +  - From your computer directory (or finder on Mac OS), browse the network 
-  - find batocera ​(or directly type \\batocera (windows) or smb:​%%//​%%batocera.local (Linux)) +  - Find Batocera ​(or directly type \\batocera (windows) or smb:​%%//​%%batocera.local (Linux)) 
-  - add bios into the bios directory+  - Add BIOS files into the BIOS directory
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