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-**Integer Scale(Pixel Perfect)**+**Integer Scale (Pixel Perfect)** 
 +In the 80s and 90s, CRT TVs used to be  in the 4:3 aspect ratio.  
 +As a result, it's actually a bit wider than tall on the CRT, and a "​square"​ pixel was not of the exact same width and height (while now on modern LCD screens, a pixel is a square). To correct this effect some consoles like the SNES embedded dedicated hardware to slightly alter the pixel size and make it more square. This correction was a 8:7 aspect ratio change, called "Pixel Perfect"​.  
 +This menu option will enable emulators to put that enhancement in place to give a more accurate rendering of what the game was supposed to look like. 
 +Here is a great video that explains what this option does: https://​​ssluTgfkdlg ​
-This option allows you to increase the quality of the graphics in games. 
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