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 +===== Redirect upgrades from any board to my own builds =====
 +Once you've build your batocera image, you can configure your running batocera to upgrade from your computer.
 +=== Configure your computer ===
 +  * have a http server like Apache running on your computer.
 +  * create a folder in a subdirectory of the www part.
 +  * make a subtree like this one : x86_64/​stable
 +  * create a link from x86_64/​stable to /​path/​to/​your/​build/​output/​images/​recalbox
 +  * copy the file /​path/​to/​your/​build/​output/​target/​recalbox/​recalbox.version to the same recalbox directory.
 +  * at this step, you should be able to download the following files :
 +  http://​myhttpserver/​some/​path/​x86_64/​stable/​boot.tar.gz
 +  http://​myhttpserver/​some/​path/​x86_64/​stable/​recalbox.version
 +Now, access your batocera running instance the same way you use to add games, and in the system directory, near the roms directory, open the file recalbox.conf and add the following line :
 +  updates.url=http://​myhttpserver/​some/​path
 +  ​
 +Now, upgrade from the system menu of the batocera will check and upgrade from your computer.
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